• Print-management
    made easy

    Administration and monitoring of printer-infrastructures
    has never been as easy and effective

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Our solution delivers what we promise

As manufacturer-independent IT-provider we focus on simplicity. Our new approach significantly increases the efficiency of print management and noticably reduces workloads for companies

  • Comprehensive support and maintenance

    We take your entire device environment into full warranty and supply high-quality consumable materials.

  • Continuous optimization and standardization

    We evaluate your device environment in terms of economic criteria and provide you with a sound recommendation for optimization of your printer-infrastructure.

  • Automatization of workflows

    With automated error messages, technician requests and reordering system we reduce your workload.

  • Savings of 28%

    We achieve an average of 28% reduction of printing costs for our customers.

More than 8.000 companies throughout Europe
rely on our solutions

100% functional warranty
for your printer-infrastructure

We not only supply you with high-quality consumable materials but also make sure your printer-infrastructure keeps running smoothly for you, while continually optimizing it.

Full warranty for your device environment

We take the entirety of your printer-infrastructure into full warranty, regardless of how many devices, their age or printing volumes.

Fair and simple billing based on consumption

You only pay for toner cartridges you actually use, without any minimum order amounts, basic fees or other hidden cost factors. You receive your toner cartridges within 24 hours.

Complimentary service and replacement parts

We deliver complimentary maintenance and repairs on business days within 24 or 48 hours and supply replacement- and consumable parts free of charge.

Simple automated printer-management

We provide your printer-infrastructure with a specialized software allowing you to access your device information per internet, featuring automated printer-malfunction notifications, automated technician requests and automated reordering of consumable materials.

Complimentary new devices

We replace inoperable devices with new replacement devices of your choice without charge, and of course ownership thereof gets transferred to you.

Economic savings analysis

We compile a detailed savings analysis, documenting your savings generated with our solution.

Complimentary proper disposal

We collect your used cartridges free of charge and provide you with complimentary collection containers for your empties.

No more stock-keeping needed

We provide you with a virtual stock-room, where your toner cartridges are available to you upon request and delivered just-in-time. Thus you no longer have to maintain your own stock-rooms.

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NEW: The first virtual assistant
for printer-management

Featured on the shortlists for the IT-innovation-award 2016 and the Industrial price 2016

TC CARL never lets you down: The web-application TC CARL runs 24 hours 365 days, reports malfunctions, automatically requests technicians, calculates predicted consumption and automatically reorders consumable materials. TC CARL is manufacturer independent and thus capable of automatizing any kind of printer-infrastructure.

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