“TOPCART helps companies to keep a steady eye on printing costs”

23.11.2012 – Automotive business

A steady eye on printing costs Konrad Schmidt car-dealership has been using TOPCART’ s full-service package for one year
Printing, scanning, copying – even in our paperless age some things are to be brought to paper. Every company has multiple printing devices in use on a daily basis. What a nuisance, when a cartridge is empty or one of the devices is defective! “Everyone here thought, they were able to repair a printer. But in most cases that was a lost cause.“ says Harald Peelen, general manager of Konrad Schmidt car-dealership. Therefore the Cadolzburg-based car-dealership has been using TOCPART’ s concept for one year.
With the purchase of the company’s toner cartridges as part of their “save per page” service, TOPCART takes on the entire support, provides complimentary replacement- and consumable parts and gives a lifetime warranty for already existing devices. “Using regular classic printer leasing options does not automatically result in actual cost savings. Three or five year contracts with printer manufacturers do not allow for any chances in terms of a company’ s demands. There is no room for flexibility.” says TOPCART’ s general manager, Wolf Mayer.
TOPCART takes on maintenance and warranty for the devices and in case the customer’s company is expanding provides an additional printer. One of the newest features in the program is a newly developed software, allowing a company to monitor all its devices remotely from one central location.. “Maintenance efforts for the device fleet often get underestimated” says TOPCART’ s general manager Mayer. The new software minimizes these efforts to a large degree. It is capable of recognizing all the individual devices within a network, regardless which brand or model, indicates toner levels and numbers of pages printed for all devices and sends error messages. In addition the software facilitates ordering toner or requesting maintenance calls by a mere mouse-click.
“We only have to bear the cost for the cartridges.” Says Peelen. These are a bit more costly, but due to higher toner levels, their capacities are considerably higher than the original manufacturers’. Prior to installation of the software, TOPCART analyzes a company’s actual printing demand and provides the most suitable devices and consumable materials. With TC-Rating database TOPCART has established a system for evaluating laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices and is thus capable of conducting manufacturer-independent analyses of device fleets. TOPCART gives appropriate recommendations for devices to be eliminated from or added to make the device fleet more efficient.
Mayer: ”By switching to our system, car-dealerships can reduce their printing costs by about up to 30%. Over the course of a few years, you might be able to save about 25.000,- Euro”. As stated by the general manager, continuous monitoring of the devices and their actual usage of consumable materials offers companies more cost control and certainty in budgeting.
Vero Scheid
Company history:
In 1993 Wolf Mayer founded TOPCART GmbH in Erzhausen near Darmstadt. At first he company specialized in the market and maintenance of laser printers. In 1995 Mayer and a partner developed a high efficiency toner cartridge, using higher toner levels to considerably increase their longevity. Since 1998 TOPCART has also been offering device maintenance- and service packages in addition to the toner cartridges to contractual customers. Today TOPCART has 100 employees in 16 European countries, servicing a total of about 5000 customers – ranging from small and medium companies to large international corporations. Within the next few years, sales are projected to expand from 18 million (2011) to 50 million. For the current year TOPCART is aiming for total sales of 20 million.