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We mutually develop solutions for the requirements of tomorrow’s office place, and as IT-service partner we take care of print- and document management for more than 8000 customers in a large scope of business branches throughout Europe


The best way to move the world forward is by trusting innovative new ideas.

Edgar E. Schein

How does one avoid printer problems and long operational lapses before these even arise?
How does one simplify work and daily office routine? Which processes can be automated?
How do we combine digital processes with personal interchange?

These and many other questions are subject of our daily quest in forseeing and responding tomorrow’s requirements today. Our goal is to simplify and speed up document-based processes, so our customers are free to dedicate their efforts to their actual tasks with increased efficiency.

Our customers are always the center of attention, whether pharmaceutical enterprises, universities, hospitals, large or medium-sized corporations in the areas of manufacturing and distribution, start-ups or family enterprises with years of experience. We are in constant communication with our customers and exchange information on a personal basis on location, as this is the only way to find out which IT-solutions are actually needed.

We only reach pole position as team

Ambition brings about ideas, team spirit gets us through the finish line

We believe that we will only reach our goal as a team, therefore each and every one of our employees is very important to us. Our company and our customers will only succeed, if each and every one of us is happily thriving with us and does his/her job with dedication.

At Topcart motivated employees build a team, mutually creating innovative solutions and thus making work very simple. What brings us together: passion, joy in the creation of new ideas and innovative solutions as well as the conviction that things can and will be better. The mutual conviction and belief in our values make us one big family.

Thus we are not looking for lone warriors, but for team spirit and transparent communication. To increase the “we”-spirit, we have regular meetings, where we discuss our projects, successes an well as problems and to exchange information regarding our work and our experiences. Topcart offers opportunities for personal and professional advancement. We always find a way to combine personal plans with work.

Our values

Equal opportunities

Working in a guaranteed feel-good-atmosphere

We want you to feel great in your work environment, therefore we offer:

  • Coffee in all variations up to caffeine-shock

  • weets for our sweetooths

  • a fully equipped work space including MacBook and iPhone

  • a company car for account managers

  • surprise events with fun factor

  • a cozy kitchen providing a relaxed gathering space

  • modern office spaces

  • performance-related pay

  • Space for own ideas

  • Opportunities for development

  • short decision paths and flat hierarchies

  • an open working culture

  • a dynamic and diversified job

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