Amadeus Fire

“Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package”

Amadeus FiRe AG is one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany. 19 locations offer flexible personnel solutions tailored to market needs for commercial- and IT-departments throughout Germany, providing and procuring specialized- and executive personnel in the fields of accounting-, office-, banking- and IT-services. Through its affiliation with subsidiary companies “Dr. Endriss college for accounting” and “ Academy for international accounting” the publicly traded Amadeus FiRe-group offers a wide spectrum of services customized to their clients’ needs.

The initial situation

 Our internal IT department takes care of all matters concerning our IT-infrastructure. This includes for example repairs of hardware and IT-support for our employees and team members. Matthias Melcher is in charge of acquiring hard- and software as well as consumable materials. More than ten years ago the IT-department was purchasing printers and multifunctional devices in form of ”all-in-one-packages” from an international manufacturer. These packages used to include service of the devices. Over time the quality of service was declining, prompting the IT department to look into reorganizing device-management.

“We had always had a harmonized device-environment and wanted to keep it that way. Our former provider had eventually restructured the service and consequently it had been managed from abroad. For us this meant endless phone calls to the call center and a massive decline of service delivery, turning the entire process into an enormous effort on our side.” explains Matthias Melcher.

The aforementioned situation had a serious set of negative consequences for our company, as Amadeus FiRe bills its customers on a weekly basis, and on-time invoicing is a basic requisite to secure our stream of income. Device malfunctions and lengthy coordination processes with the call center were causing inconvenient restrictions and delays within our work processes.

For all of the above reasons our IT department had been looking for a faster and more flexible solution, and for a reduction of toner costs. A colleague recommended Topcart as a reliable IT service partner.

The solution

“We made an appointment with a Topcart consultant, who gave us detailed information regarding the Managed Print Service (MPS) package. The usage-based all-inclusive concept convinced us right away. The principle was very simple. We are buying high quality toner from Topcart and in return we receive an inclusive manufacturer-independent full warranty for our devices.”

With Topcart’ s MPS package toner is purchased on demand at an agreed upon fixed price. This includes the entirety of technical service, all required maintenance as well as maintenance- and consumable parts. In case a repair turns out to be uneconomical, Amadeus FiRe receives a complimentary replacement device.

“Complimentary disposal is another additional benefit. Previously we had to delegate disposal of defective devices to one of our employees, who had to pay a fee. With the MPS-package Topcart takes care of it. For the empty toner cartridges we receive complimentary collection boxes. These get picked up and disposed of by Topcart.”

The result

Today our company has 121 devices in use, including fax machines and desktop printers at each of the 19 locations throughout Germany. Topcart has been in charge of managing and maintaining our devices for more than ten years.

The branch offices and their various departments are ordering their toner directly, invoices get processed by our office in Frankfurt/Main, thus Matthias Melcher never loses sight of the materials consumed.

“Since our collaboration with Topcart our service processes have become remarkably simple. We call our consultant, and he takes care of any problems or pick ups at all locations. This is an immense relief for our employees. We no longer have to spend hours on the phone with the call center hotline and there are no more delays with our billing process. We greatly appreciate our dedicated and cooperative consultant. We touch base about once a week and he takes care of all our concerns. Thus we are free to dedicate our time to our essential duties.”

With Topcart our IT department was able to achieve the set goals and reduce costs. Matthias Melcher is an unwavering fan of the MPS-concept to this day.

“As truly everything is included in the price, we have absolutely no subsequent billings or hidden fees, such as for technician traveling time in case of service calls. Thus we were able to decrease the overall costs while receiving high quality toner. I frequently get calls from other suppliers, who at first glance seem to be offering similar concepts. Upon more detailed inquiry, I am frequently unearthing hidden cost factors though. I have not found any other company offering Topcart’ s level of service.”

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. Simple service processes 

2. Competent and environmentally friendly disposal of materials and defective devices 

3. No subsequent billing or hidden costs