Aptar Dortmund GmbH

“Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package”

Aptar group Inc is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of dosing systems for consumer- and medical products with more than half a century of experience in the packaging industry. Spanning a wide range of business sectors such as beauty and home, food and beverage as well as pharmaceuticals, Aptar group offers a broad selection of demand-oriented, innovative dosing systems.

Aptar Dortmund GmbH supplies the beauty and home sector, manufacturing systems such as pumps, valves and spray nozzles for cosmetics companies. These encompass for example customized dosing systems for cremes, shaving foam and deodorant.

The initial situation

Aptar Dortmund GmbH has been a Topcart customer almost 20 years – with good reason.

Over the last 15 years Ms. Wagner has been in charge of printer management and maintenance for the company’s 120+ devices. With Aptar already being a satisfied Topcart GmbH customer when she came on board, it did not take long for Ms. Wagner to share the experience.

Topcart’s strong points are reliability, speed of delivery and service calls as well as its consumer-oriented concept, where the customer is only charged for toner while the entire all-inclusive service is complimentary. The above encompasses service, maintenance, spare parts, the disposal of consumable materials and replacement and disposal of defective devices. In case of technical malfunctions on-site service technicians are available within 24 hours, either solving the problem or supplying a complimentary replacement device, thus guaranteeing 100% operational reliability for Ms. Wagner.

Simple billing via toner creates high level planning-predictability without requiring any additional investments, minimum order quantities or hidden costs. The result is a precise cost calculation making life a lot easier for Ms. Wagner as well as the accounting department.

The result

 With Topcart as a reliable IT-service-partner taking care of all printing-device-related matters, Ms. Wagner has more time available for important core-tasks. If a colleague reports a problem, one call to Topcart prompts immediate action without going through a call center, hotline or long waiting periods for a technician to arrive. I case of major problems a technician is available to repair the device on the same day. If a repair turns out to be uneconomical, Ms. Wagner promptly receives a new device to keep daily business running smoothly and without down-times ensuring distraction-free production time for her colleagues.

Next year Aptar is going to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of its collaboration with Topcart – a fact which speaks for itself.