International Transport-Kontor ITK company

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

International Transport-Kontor ITK company has been providing swift, secure and efficient transportation services since 1925. They are specialists for global import and export, focusing on industrial logistics, striking a successful balance between tradition and innovation.

From A to B – fast and on-time. Regardless whether national or international, per truck or per ship, import or export. ITK lives up to the requirements of today’s globalized world and covers classic logistics- as well as increasingly important outsourcing services alike.

The initial situation

Being an international company, many of ITK‘ s processes still have to be done and documented on paper. This includes invoicing, printing of delivery slips or cargo documents as well as “packaging lists” for airfreight. Thus any kinds device-down-times are causing delays in the logistics chain, consequently creating undesirable effects on various levels for companies world-wide.

To avoid the aforementioned negative consequences the IT department takes care of the entirety of the company’s hardware and software, including 35 desktop printers of various manufacturers, which had been purchased internally over six years ago, with consumable materials being supplied by the respective manufacturers. A form of device-management, which incurred high levels of bureaucracy and lengthy wait times.

“With device management having been rigged that way we were never able to predict delivery timer for new toner, or who would be in charge of repairs. Circumstances made it impossible to avoid delays in the logistics chain. Additional costs for replacement of defective devices were another down-side. With one manufacturer-independent contact partner in charge of our devices the aforementioned situation is definitely a thing of the past.” relates Kai Schüttke, member of the IT department.

The solution

With Topcart’s manufacturer-independent managed print service package and the pertaining full warranty device-down-times have been drastically reduced, guaranteeing smooth work processes for ITK‘ s logistics chain. The most convincing features are service, price-performance ratio and toner quality.

“As Topcart operates on a manufacturer-independent basis, all devices get serviced by just one IT-service-partner. We are buying high quality toner at very good prices and everything else is included: from maintenance all the way to complimentary new devices, when repairs turn out to be uneconomical.

We have a stable contact person, providing us with reliable and competent support, thus guaranteeing flawless and smooth service at any time. In case we need new toner or a technician, we simply get in touch with our contact person to pay us a visit. With his profound knowledge regarding our device environment any situation gets resolved swiftly and smoothly, as he knows what to do, which materials are going to be needed and when these are going to be delivered, thus making it very predictable as to when a device is going to be up and running again. And everything is inclusive!” explains Kai Schüttke.

The result

International Transport-Kontor GmbH has been a Topcart customer for more than six years and contemplates an expansion of its collaboration.

“We are planning on implementation of our new Document Management System (DMS) for next year, which will lead to a number of changes in our infrastructure. A collaboration with Topcart in that area seems very desirable.

At the moment we are still managing our devices with an Excel spreadsheet. We had developed complex formulas to predict toner usage. When toner had been ordered and delivered, it was distributed by hand. The practice is very time consuming. For these purposes we are looking forward to the use of TC CARL, a complimentary, digital, manufacturer-independent assistant for managing printer-infrastructures. It displays all relevant information regarding the devices organized in one summary, including page numbers, toner- and paper fill levels as well as notifications. Any low-toner-notifications are forwarded to us immediately, the same is true for technician requests. This type of automation is going to save us a great deal of work effort. I look forward to testing it.” says Kai Schüttke.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. Competent consulting and service 

2. High quality toner

3. Great price-performance ratio