Ubbink bv

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Founded in 1896 Ubbink bv company is one of the market leaders in the field of safe exhaust systems with many decades of experience in the field of manufacturing heating- and boiler-pipes. Ubbink’s technologies increase energy efficiency for homes and buildings and improve the indoor climate. Aside from exhaust- and duct-systems Ubbink manufactures and distributes products for water- and airproof constructions. Ubbink has branch offices throughout Europe and all over the world. Managed Print Service-customer Harn Rijks reports what changed since his collaboration with Topcart.

The initial situation

We have about 35 devices , and prior to the collaboration with Topcart we had varying moda operandi regarding their maintenance. For about half of the devices we had an external maintenance company and the rest we handled ourselves. When something became defective, we had to find a solution ourselves and had to decide whether it was more viable to replace parts or to replace the device. That was very time-consuming. We continued trying out cartridges of other manufacturers rather than those of the Original Manufacturers, in order to bring costs down. It never really worked and we started having problems with the devices.

The solution

For us the Managed Print Service-Concept is the ideal path to a standardized printer-management and -control for all devices. Using Topcart cartridges gives us an addtional cost-advantage. As we had been making bad experiences with other cartridges, we were initially given an opportunity to test Topcart’s cartridges. In case the device should become defective, it would be replaced free of charge. Alas it did not happen. We are exclusively using Topcart cartridges to this day and never have any problems whatsoever. In addition we appreciate the extensive scope of complimentary service included in the Managed Print Service Package. Topcart handles all devices, supplies us with consumable materials and takes on the entirety of service – maintenance as well as repairs. Thus we are fully taken care of. In case of significant malfunctions a technician is available to us on the same or next business day to solve the problem. Topcart’s response time is consistently fast and the communication works very smoothly. That is very important to us. With Topcart we only have one contact person for all devices, a fact which simplifies our device management to a high degree and elimiates turbulences in our daily work routine. In case a device becomes inoperable, we no longer have to take care of the matter ourselves: Topcart finds the device most suited to our requirements and replaces it free of charge.

The result

Through the collaboration with Topcart and using their own brand of cartridges, as well as their scope of service and the Topcart warranty we achieve yearly cost savings of about 10.000 Euro per year. Using alternative cartridges had been a long term goal of ours, which we were able to reach with Topcart. The amount of savings generated by use of the Managed Print Service-Package is enormous. We receive very high quality products and still are able to save a considerable amont of costs. Add the full warranty for our devices and the swift support. Depending on the type of malfunction the problem always gets handled fery fast, thus reducing our efforts and allowing us to dedicate our attentions to our actual business.