Municipal Utility Services Sulzbach/Saar

“Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package”

Municipal Utility Services Sulzbach/Saar has been founded in 1870 with the purpose of providing the citizens of Sulzbach with energy. Over the years the classic range of products like water, electricity and natural gas have been augmented with newer offers such as district heating. Furthermore Municipal Utility Services Sulzbach/Saar have gone from being a mere supplier of energy to providing a wide scope of services.

The initial situation

For the longest time Municipal Utility Services Sulzbach/Saar have been purchasing their large printing devices as well as toner supplies in terms of “all-in-one-packages” from international manufacturers, where the service was included. Though according to Robert Stegmann, director of sales at Municipal Utility Services, the quality of service delivery had been declining, while package prices were increasing or even canceled and part of the service center had been relocated to a different country. Consequently service technicians could only be requested via a hotline.

“Our IT-service-partner at the time had at some point decided to relocate the service center to Ireland, resulting in even longer wait-times for getting a service technician to our location. In case of malfunctions we had to speak to a different person each time we placed a call, requiring a repeated detailed description of the problem each time it occurred, even if one and the same device was concerned and the type pf problem had already been established previously. Our contact persons were not communicating with us on a level playing field, giving us redundant advice or recommending solutions which were not applicable to the specific situation at hand. The entire process was very time consuming and used to take a lot of effort.” remembers Robert Stegmann.

The solution

For two years Municipal Utility Services Sulzbach/Saar GmbH has placed some of the printing devices under a Topcart full warranty. With the usage-based Managed Print Service Package they receive the entirety of services from one partner. This includes maintenance, technical service, replacement parts and disposal. Mr. Stegmann is especially fond of the speed of service and of having one specific contact person.

“It makes the communication much more personal, as we have a stable contact person, who is familiar with our devices. Very often we are able to determine already on the telephone, how to solve a particular problem, or which replacement parts are needed. Within 48 hours our technician brings these to our site and installs them for us, very often it only takes 24 hours for the entire problem to be resolved.”

In many call centers things are rigged for us to solve our problem ourselves, a technician being available only for absolute emergencies. With Topcart the company has found an IT-service-partner who takes care of our devices around the clock and who assists us in our optimization process.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. Fast service

2. Competent on site techncians

3. One stable contact person