Protestant Hospital Lutherstift Frankfurt (Oder)/Seelow

“Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package”

Protestant Hospital Lutherstift Frankfurt (Oder)/Seelow has two locations: The location at Frankfurt (Oder) is specialized in treating geriatric patients. Seelow location offers services in the areas of internal-, surgical- and endoscopic medicine; an emergency walk-in clinic covers patients’ needs in the rural district of Märkisch Oderland.

The initial situation

The central IT-department at Frankfurt (Oder) is in charge of printer maintenance for both locations. This includes mainly user-support as well as selection and acquisition. Further IT is in charge of making sure to keep the printers running smoothly, without any down-times, and at up to date. Consumable materials are acquired via the warehouse.

Until one and a half years ago the IT department at Frankfurt (Oder) was in charge of repairs as well. In case a device became defective, IT team member Bastian Tönse had to bring it to an external technician. As a result lengthy traveling times and high gas bills were incurred.

“We have a total 77 desktop printers for both locations, while our Seelow location is situated at a distance of 30 minutes from Frankfurt (Oder) by car. In case of malfunctions I was picking up the devices, taking these to a repair technician and then picked up and returned them. To reduce the time-effort and costs we were looking for a reliable IT service partner. Availability of competent, reliable and friendly contact persons was essential for us.” relays Bastian Tönse.

The solution

 A colleague got a recommendation for Topcart from a Seelow bureau and prompted a contact between the hospital and the manufacturer-independent IT service partner. Consequently a veteran Topcart consultant introduced Bastian Tönse to the managed print service package. He opted for the all-inclusive offer right away.

“The all-round service is completely included in the price, that means technical service, all required maintenance, replacement- and consumable parts as well as replacement devices. And of course the toner we purchase from Topcart. As an added benefit we now receive all services pertaining to device-management from just one IT service partner – on a completely manufacturer-independent basis. We have no additional fees for service calls or similar, but are paying an agreed upon price for the toner we use, without any hidden cost factors.” says Bastian Tönse.

The result

 For more than a year Bastian Tönse has been able to concentrate on his main tasks without having to spend time in the car, chasing up defective printers or picking these up from repair technicians. Precise timing of deliveries is another beneficial factor for effective time management.

“When I reorder consumable materials in the morning, they arrive at our location on the next business day. This is of great assistance in our planning, as we are able to rely on timely receipt of merchandize. In case of malfunctions or other kinds of concerns I simply get in touch with our contact person, who is available for us at any time, answering mails or calls on an immediate basis. He takes care of our devices in both locations, thus relieving me from these duties and allowing me to focus on my main tasks and use my work time much more effectively.” explains Bastian Tönse.

The complimentary technical service reduces repair-, gas- and personnel costs for Protestant Lutherstift Hospital Frankfurt (Oder)/Seelow.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. ONE IT service partner for all devices in both locations 

2. ONE competent and reliable contact person

3. No waste of costly work-time through lengthy traveling times