Röser publishing company

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Rudolf Röser AG constitutes the core of Röser group. Founded in 1965, Rudolf Röser AG is one of the top German publishers of directories, issuing a total of 89 telephone directories in print, online and as mobile versions spanning the four product categories of “phone directory”, “local matters” , “yellow pages” and “regional yellow pages”. The company is active in five German states: Baden-Würtemberg, Brandenburg, Hesse, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland. In addition the publishing group services trade magazines and broadcasting media, markets exterior electronic video boards and assists companies with their launch on the Asian market. Headquarters are located in Karlsruhe with another administrative branch office in Waltersdorf.

The initial situation

Rudolf Röser AG’s IT department is in charge of IT for the entire publishing group. Aside from Rudolf Röser AG this encompasses Röser Media GmbH & Co. KG and Röser Publishing company international GmbH & Co. KG. IT‘ s tasks include maintenance of the companies‘ home pages, all required online-search-engine updates, updating and administration of telephone data as well as formatting these for telephone directories and search-engines. For the longest time the IT department used to perform repairs for the company‘ s 54 laser printers and multifunctional devices internally. In case of more extensive problems this was done in collaboration with our internal user-service. “Our user service takes care of purchasing and trains team members in subject matters concerning hard- and software as well as any kinds of user-related questions. They are up to date in terms of devices and the pertaining prices. If they fell short of a solution, we used to make a mutual decision as to whether a device had to be replaced.” explains Hans-Georg Schleissinger, head of IT at Rudolf Röser AG. “We always ordered and purchased toner in advance and stored it here.” According to Mr. Schleissinger the publishing company follows a clearly defined product strategy: In order to minimize numbers of devices and drivers we only buy devices from one specific manufacturer and use these until their economic viability has expired. Thus we strive to achieve long usage times. “Some of our printers got up there in years, so we were increasingly confronting the subject of device management. Most IT-service-partners promote complete replacement of the entire device fleet when offering a collaboration. Furthermore, most frequently there are minimum order requirements and other manufacturer requirements. All of the above posed a direct contradiction to our product strategy, as we did not want new devices, which our employees might ultimately not be used to working with. Therefore we were looking for a solution, which would allow us to incorporate our existing device fleet while managing it effectively without being in charge of repairs.“

The solution

A veteran Topcart team member introduced us to the usage-oriented Managed Print Service Package and gave us a consultation. The concept encompasses a full warranty for all existing devices, regardless of their age. The publishing house purchases toner from Topcart and in return receives all services inclusively, such as technical service, any maintenance, all replacement- and consumable parts and even replacement devices. In case a device requires repair, it just takes one call to Topcart and a qualified technician will take care of the problem. Therefore Hans Schleissinger and the user service no longer have to make any efforts concerning the functionality of the devices.

“Topcart‘ s concept was perfectly suited to our product strategy, thus we decided to give it our vote. The most important aspect for us was the fact that our devices were taken into full warranty – regardless of their age. It saved us a tremendous amount of administrative effort, which a replacement of the devices would have incurred. At the beginning of the year we wanted to acquire an additional device for our fleet. Our contact person consulted us in selecting a suitable model, which then was taken into full warranty as well. “Regular exchange of communication and smooth collaboration are very important to us and Topcart definitely scores high in both. The collaboration with our stable contact person runs flawlessly. We are looking forward to a long-term future with Topcart as our IT-service-partner. Mr. Schleissinger uses Topcart‘ s manufacturer-independent web-application TC CARL to maintain an accurate overall insight into usage levels of the devices in his fleet. TC CARL supplies a uniform summary of all devices within a given IP-address-range. Thus all relevant device data such as capacity utilization are visible at a glance. Additionally this virtual assistant has the capability to completely automate work processes like for example ordering of consumable materials and placing requests for service technicians. The delivery address management feature allows for managing orders for several different locations.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. Long-term usage of devices, full warranty regardless of age

2. Fair and reliable contact persons

3. Uniform summary of the devices through TC CARL