Steigenberger Hotel Linz

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Steigenberger Hotel Linz is a four star hotel. It features 176 rooms, a 150 seat restaurant, a hotel bar, a summer terrace with an additional 100 seats as well as six conference- and seminar rooms with a capacity up to 150 persons. It is under management of Steigenberger Hotel Group AG headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, who runs about 99 hotels worldwide.

Situated in Linz, directly at the waterfront next to the winter harbour, Steigenberger Hotel Linz dazzles with views of the Danube and the mountains.

The initial situation

The purchasing department at Steigenberger Hotel Linz is in charge of acquiring materiel, including for example office supplies, supplies for the hotel rooms and IT-hardware.

Up to ten years ago the purchasing department had to also purchase printers and toner. Repairs were done by the internal technical department, who was also in charge of deciding whether a device had to be replaced or an external technician should be contacted for repair. As in most cases such was equivalent with very high expenses, technicians tended to dispose of the devices without attempting any further repairs.

„It was not the most environmentally friendly solution, as many of the devices would have worked much longer, had they been repaired. In case of malfunction the entire process was a long one and it could be quite a while until the devices would be repaired or replaced.“ remembers Michaela Fröhlich, head of purchasing at Steigenberger Hotel Linz. „Therefore swift and smooth processes were essential parameters for our collaboration with an IT service partner.“

The solution

A seasoned Topcart consultant introduced the hotel to the user-oriented Managed Print Service package (MPS) – concept. Regardless of manufacturer, age or model, the devices are taken into full operational warranty. Most importantly: All services are included in the price. Topcart takes care of any technical service as well as all required maintenance without any additional charges. Replacement- and consumable parts as well as replacement devices are included in the package as well.

The advantage for Michaela and Steigenberger Hotel:

„With the Topcart MPS package there is absolutely no subsequent billing or minimum order values. The toner costs are agreed upon and all other services and performance are included. Thus we are able to calculate our expenses precisely and do not have to factor in any unexpected costs. “

The result

Topart has been managing the HP devices of Steigenberger Hotel Linz for more than ten years.

Thus the individual departments no longer have to internally take care of any repairs or acquisitions. In case a repair turns out to be uneconomical, Topcart replaces the device free of charge. The new device is again covered by a full operational warranty.

„Another essential advantage is sustainability. Topcart provides a 100% operational warranty and thus we only have to replace the devices when a repair becomes uneconomical. Topcart also takes care of proper disposal of defective devices. We collect the empty consumable materials and have these picked up by Topcart, where they get recycled. The high-quality consumable materials last a lot longer than the toner of other manufacturers and therefore requires less effort regarding cartridge replacement.

For me the collaboration with Topcart means an enormous reduction of my workload. I can take care of my orders simply and easily by mail, and other than that I no longer have to worry about anything concerning our devices. I do not have to deal with any repairs or decision making processes and thus have time for more essential tasks.“ explains Michaela Fröhlich, head of purchasing at Steigenberger Hotel Linz.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. Reduction of the daily workload

2. Sustainable concept

3. Fixed costs without subsequent billing