„Letter of reference Managed Print Service-Package“

Trocellen is the leading supplier of cross-linked polyurethane foam solutions in Europe. With continued innovation and successful partnerships we are striving to achieve a big goal: increased protection and increased convenience for individuals. Together with our Japanese shareholder Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. we are striving for worldwide success.

The initial situation

Cost of maintenance and care of our printer environment was difficult to calculate, as we had previously not been collaborating with any service provider, but took care of printer problems on our own. This was very time consuming and therefore we were looking for a reliable and efficient partner with a package-offer including service of the devices.

The result

With Topcart’s Mananed Print Service-Package we were able to reailze our ideas and expectations. Topcart took our devices into a service contract and supplies us with toner. Our Topcart contact person Mr. Thomas Becker provides competent support at any time. The contractual package significantly increased cost-transparency.