“TOPCART optimizes to suit your exact demand”

24.10.2012 – www.cebra.biz (MPS)

With “save per page” service provider TOPCART offers customers a manufacturer-independent output-concept including economic efficiency evaluation. The service concept focuses on flexible adaptation to the customer’s demands.

“In order to set ourselves apart, we have to offer customers true and measurable values added” explains Wolf Mayer, general manager of the output service provider TOPCART. Founded by Mayer in 1993, TOPCART headquarters are located in Erzhausen near Darmstadt, providing manufacturer-independent all-inclusive service for laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices. With branch offices in Sweden, Finland and Austria and a nationwide network of service- and distribution staff TOPCART is servicing about 5000 customers throughout Europe, ranging from small and medium companies to large international corporations including Thyssen Krupp, Asklepios clinics, the German armed forces, EnBW, Merz Pharma and many more. The focal point is “save per page”, a manufacturer-independent output concept including economic efficiency evaluation. The four-step all-inclusive concept promises cost efficiency, solid budgeting, free choice of brands and user-oriented planning. TOPCART takes on service and maintenance of the device fleet and guarantees permanent availability. Upon consultation with the customer the output-specialist offers manufacturer-independent optimization of the printer infrastructure. TOPCART uses its own device rating system “TC Rating”, which is capable of evaluating all of the common output systems on the market in terms of printing capacity, user-friendliness, reliability and other criteria relevant to the user. The evaluation is based on data collected from hundreds of thousands of service calls answered by the Erzhausen based specialist and thus provides a sound decision basis for the planning of device environments. 

“No one dares to rate manufacturers” knows Mayer. “Most often device fleets are being standardized in a cookie cutter manner, where the entire hardware is being replaced with over priced leasing devices, locked in for lengthy terms and charged for in terms of overall per page fees. Upon closer inspection this turns out to be a naïve fallacy” contemplates Mayer. Therefore manufacturer-independent optimization, limitation to a few device models customized precisely to the customer’s needs as well as automatic modernization and flexible adaptation to a company’s demands constitute definite advantages. 

(Bildtext 1) “save per page” is a transparent and conclusive concept with just one service partner and a well established service network” contemplates Thomas Etz, IT project manager for Storopack. 

(Bildtext 2) Many concepts out there are naïve fallacies. “No one dares to evaluate manufacturers” knows TOPCART general manager Wolf Mayer. 

Storopack, a company specialized in packaging solutions, has been a client of the South-Hesse based service provider for about six years. Storopack, located in Metzingen was founded in 1959 and provides customized flexible protective packaging and integration thereof into the packaging process. Their customers include mail order businesses as well as manufacturers of sanitary products, pharmaceutical products, manufacturers in the solar- and automotive industry. With 2500 employees worldwide in 62 locations the corporate group generated revenues of 320 million Euro in 2011.
The packaging specialist has entrusted TOPCART with the creation and maintenance of a customized flexible output infrastructure. In addition to corporate headquarters in Metzingen with more than 30 – 40 output systems TOPCART provides service for 15 other locations throughout Germany, Switzerland and France, as well as 70 –75 home offices. “Storopack did not always have an economic output infrastructure customized to their exact demands” remembers Holger Knebel, sectional manager for South at TOPCART. “There was a large variety of different printer models including laser- and inkjet printers. These necessitated a variety of consumable materials and different service and maintenance companies. And then there were difficulties with SAP print applications. Operating this multitude of different devices posed yet another challenge for Storopack employees. TOPCART optimized the systems environment by implementing the “HP laserjet 4000-4300N series” as standard equipment. That greatly simplified the operation of the devices and eliminated the necessity of various different service contacts, as TOPCART with its extensive technician network is one central contact for service and maintenance of the entire fleet.” says Thomas Etz, Storopack IT project manager. “save per page” is a transparent and conclusive concept, which has meanwhile saved the company between 30.000 and 35.000 Euro, while increasing the quality of service. 
Bernd Klingler knows that many companies underestimate the possibilities of active output management. If costs were more transparent, the subject would be much more popular contemplates the head of TOPCART’ s department of quality control. “Usually several different departments are involved in the ordering processes, and therefore the generally extremely high costs thus generated do not stand out.” “save per page” does not only save customers time and money, but also greatly simplifies their work processes. The concept includes all service and maintenance action, replacement- and consumable parts, as well as technician travelling and labor fees. Solid budgeting avoids any kinds of subsequent billing and gives the customer full cost control. Complimentary successor device models are provided upon request. “This eliminates the purchasing expenses, a factor which reduces the investment volume and increases liquidity explains Klingler. The concept includes continuous optimization of the device fleet and flexible adaptation to any changes in the customer’s company. Management of the output environment is facilitated by “TC Admin”, a software program developed for this purpose by TOPCART, which is capable of displaying readouts of toner levels, service appointments or technical defects in real time. “This allows you to take immediate action” explains the head of TOPCART’ s department of quality control, “and a well running optimized device fleet saves time, money and simplifies the work processes.”