“Innovative market leader in the area of print- and IT peripheral concepts with strong fist half of the year”

05.07.2012 – cms.frankfurt-live.com

Fantastic rate of growth at TOPCART: Innovative market leader in the field of print- and IT- peripheral concepts with a strong first half of the year

(05.07.2012) Erzhausen – TOPCART GmbH, located in Erzhausen (Hessen) specialized in laser printer- , copier- and IT- peripheral concepts, is looking back at an extremely successful first half of the year and recorded a fantastic rate of company growth. Since just this past January the company, founded by Wolf Mayer (48) in 1993 and specialized in all-inclusive device fleet concepts and pinpointed savings analyses, has hired 16 new employees, implemented two new specialized departments and won numerous new customers. 

General manager Wolf Mayer: “We are very satisfied with the development of the company over the course of the first six months of this year. Due to the great success in all areas – from new customer development to increasing the order-volume of our existing customer base – we were able to implement numerous important measures for an even higher growth rate in the near future.” Over the course of the following years, total revenues are targeted to increase from currently 18 million Euro (2011) to 50 million Euro. For the current year TOCPART is aiming at total revenues of 20 million Euro. 

TOPCART’ s department of distribution, providing customers with the innovative “save per page” print- and IT peripheral concept and thus generating up to 30 % cost savings for companies, has hired 13 new employees since January 2012. The administrative force has added three members The company currently employs a total of about 100 persons and is about reach capacity at current headquarters in Erzhausen. 

With the purpose of optimizing all business transactions, from sales to service, TOPCART founded its own department of Quality Control at the beginning of 2012. Its tasks are delivering employee- and sales training as well as controlling and verifying the achievement of all targets set. The department of CRM (Customer relationship Management) is another newly established part of the company. It determines the degree of customer satisfaction, thus creating a basis for further service optimization. Furthermore, 1700 potential new customers have been contacted between January and June 2012, many of these have been closed, such as the Belgian Federations of Trade Unions or Friendscout 24. TOPCART is currently servicing a total of about 5000 customers ranging from medium sized companies to international corporations like Thyssen. The company fleet for the department of distribution in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux has been expanded with 9 new BMWs. 

Development of new service products
Being an innovative market leader in the area of print- and IT-peripheral solutions, TOPCART invested substantially into development of new service products. Further development of TC Admin print-control software resulted in the capability of brand- and model-neutral remote, central monitoring of entire printer fleets. TC Admin is unique on the market in terms of user-friendliness. The programming of TC Ratings, a manufacturer-independent evaluation system giving customers insight into the respective strengths and weaknesses of the various printers, scanners & co on the market has been another focus of TOPCART company and serves as a basis for creating customized printer fleets. 

Big plans for the second half of the year
In view of the positive trends achieved in the first half of the year, general manager Wolf Mayer has a very optimistic outlook for the future: “We have set high goals for the second half of the year and hope to continue the steady growth demonstrated in the previous months. To realize these ambitions, we are continuing to look for additional dedicated team members.” Mainly the area of sales is bound to hire massively. 

Founded in 1993 in Erzhausen near Darmstadt (Hessen) TOPCART is an innovative market leader in the field of office-print- and IT- peripheral concepts. Today it is almost 100 strong and maintains representative offices in 16 European countries. The company achieves IT peripheral cost-savings of up to 30 % for its customers. TOPCART analyzes the printer fleets of companies, institutions and government offices and then provides printing equipment and consumable materials customized to customers’ actual demands. With TC Ratings TOCPART has created a unique system for the evaluation of laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices, offering a manufacturer-independent performance analysis of any printer fleet. With its “save per page” service TOPCART takes on the entirety of the support, provides complimentary replacement- and consumable parts and issues a type of lifetime warranty for the company’s already existing devices. TOPCART is servicing a total of over 5000 corporate customers throughout Europe, ranging from medium size companies to large international corporations. TOPCART’ s general manager is Wolf Mayer.