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“TOPCART provides full control over your printer fleet” Complete control over the device environment With “TC Admin” TOPCART provides a software capable of monitoring a company’ s entire device fleet at a glance. Nadine Kasszian

TOPCART’ s TC Admin software provides users with a central remote monitoring system for the entire device fleet of a company, institution or government offices thus giving insight into the current condition of the devices at a glance. It displays toner levels, counter readouts, an outline of error messages for all printers, copiers and multifunctional devices. The program automatically recognizes the devices within a given network, regardless of model or manufacturer. The software is easy to install without any prerequisite knowledge or training whatsoever, giving employees an outline of the current condition of their network-devices at a glance right at their desk.
TOPCART’ s company internal development team has been working on updates for TC Admin, which had already been in use for about two years, thus incorporating years of programming experience and knowledge into the products features. The new version of the software is being released for customers this week. Toner levels- and counter readouts or diagnoses of malfunction do no longer have to be done at the various locations of the devices throughout the premises of a company, but are on display on a monitor. If toner levels drop below a certain degree, or in case of malfunction of a particular device, the person in charge of monitoring the fleet receives an e-mail message. As TOPCART s save per page concept usually includes a multitude of different devices, the software must be capable of recognizing and evaluating these devices. The previously existing programs had turned out to be inadequate for the realization of the concept and its requirements. They were too complicated, too slow and not compatible.
Save per page includes services such as technician fees for labor and travelling time as well as replacement parts and successor models if required. Though the first step is a thorough economic analysis of a customer’s device fleet and a resulting optimization based on the company’s actual demands. TOPCART developed TC Admin to provide their customers with a central monitoring tool for their devices. The new version for example allows access to TC Admin for several employees at a time. It also features an automatic search for new devices and displays more detailed information than the previous version.
TOPCART is already working on a successor version, which will provide customers with direct reports and statistic evaluations. It will be capable of indicating which devices are the most frequently used ones. These data will not only be accessible via monitor, but also via smart-phone. The version is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2013.