1. How does the Topcart concept work?
    You buy cartridges from Topcart and we take on the maintenance of your entire printer infrastructure, giving you a full warranty.
  2. What is a full warranty?
    Topcart’s allround carefree package provides 100% guaranteed operation and maintenance of value for your printer infrastructure. The full warranty includes  technical service, pick up of empties, maintenance, care, replacement- and consumable parts as well as replacement of defective devices with new devices, all of the above is complimentary.
  3. Why does Topcart work on a manufacturer-independent basis?
    This allows us to focus on our customers interests and thus to provide them with customized recommendations based on their individual requirements.
  4. How does Topcart charge for its performance?
    We are the only provider on the market to charge exclusively in terms of cartridges used. As opposed to page price based billing, our customers pay only for their actual usage of consumable materials, while at the same time receiving 360 degree complimentary service.
  5. What does Topcart service encompass?
    With our network of certified technicians throughout Europe, we maintain, care for and optimize your printer infrastructure. Technicians are available to our customers for onsite support within 24 to 48 hours from placing the service call.
  6. What are Topcart’s terms for provision of replacement devices?
    Replacement of defective devices with new devices is completely free of charge. The new devices have the same or better features in terms of performance and ownership thereof is transferred to the customer. Topcart recommends these devices on the basis of  a manufacturer independent analysis performed by TC Rating.
  7. Which kinds of cartridges does Topcart offer?
    Topcart provides original toner as well as equal-quality rebuilt toner and delivers within 24 hours of placement of the request. Expert selection and routine inspections of our supplier network allows us to guarantee a high level toner quality. In case of any unforeseen problems regarding cartridges, Topcart replaces these swiftly and simply.
  8. Is there an option of advance purchase and payment of consumable materials?
    Topcart customers have the option of purchasing cartridges through credit vouchers and request the merchandize as needed. That means you pay the performance in advance, without taking any risks of price increases. And you only have to pay one bill, while you no longer have to maintain your own stock, as Topcart provides you with a virtual stock.
  9. How does pick up of empties work?
    Topcart provides you with complimentary containers and picks these up free of charge.
  10. How does Topcart achieve savings of 28%?
    With optimization and automatization of your printer infrastructure Topcart achieves average cost savings of 28% for its customers.


  1. How do I manage and monitor my devices with TC CARL?
    Upon registration TC CARL automatically recognizes all devices within a designated IP address range, displaying these in a summary at a glance. It displays device- and model name, status, IP address, location, fill-levels and page counter numbers. TC CARL also creates comprehensive statistics and reports for each device, allowing you to evaluate capacity utilization and efficiency. For purposes of better structuring you have the option to create customized device-lists, for example organizing these by departments and costs centers. Delivery address-management allows you to have your orders shipped to the appropriate location.
  2. What is TC Finder?
    TC Finder is an SNMP software, capable of
    recognizing devices as well as collecting and organizing their pertaining data within a defined IP-address range. These get displayed in TC CARL and can be managed individually. Therefore TC Finder should be installed right upon registration.
  3. Which kinds of processes occur on an automated basis?
    TC CARL offers fully-automated ordering and automated technician requests. Whether you want to take advantage thereof is entirely up to you, as you decide, whether or not  processes should occur automatically. If you do not choose the automated option, you will receive e-mail notifications of malfunctions and low fill levels and thus can take any further action yourself.
  4. Which kinds of devices are being supported?
    CARL recognizes and monitors devices regardless of their manufacturer or models. No matter which variety of devices you have as part of your infrastructure, with TC CARL you can manage these swiftly and simply.
  5. Why is TC CARL a cloud-solution?
    With a cloud-solution regular installation of updates is no longer necessary, and it allows you to access your devices from any location and from any mobile device. Thus TC CARL keeps you up to date regarding your devices at any time. Furthermore a cloud solution does not incur any hardware costs for you, as all you need is internet-access. Browser and operating system are irrelevant as well.
  6. Will my data be secure?
    Data security is extremely important to us. With TC CARL data transmission is done via certified secure SSL-encryption, subject to German data protection law. TC CARL exclusively transmits device data. Personal data or company documents will never be transmitted to Topcart nor to third parties.


  1. Which kinds of documents are required?
    We need a full set of  application documents including application letter, curriculum vitae and a reference from your previous employer. Please let us know your earliest possible date for an appointment as well as your ideas regarding your salary.
  2. How can I apply?
    Please send us your application documents exclusively per e-mail to
  3. Can I apply as account manager for several areas?
    Yes, just specify in your letter of application,  which areas you wish to apply for. You also have the option for a general application in Germany.
  4. Whom can I contact in case I have questions?
    You can contact our team member Daniela Bock Lanzinger at any time per e-mail at or per telephone at (0611 – 94 919 0)