• We simplify
    your printer-management

And this is how it works…

Full-service print-management

You purchase toner cartridges for your printers and multifunctional devices from Topcart and thus you receive a full warranty for your device environment.
Regardless of:

  • number of devices
  • age
  • printing volume


Complimentary service including all replacement- and consumable parts

Technician on-site within 24/48 hours

  • complimentary travelling time
  • complimentary delivery of service
  • complimentary replacement parts
  • complimentary consumable parts
  • complimentary maintenance parts


  • Professional disposal of empty cartridges
  • Provision of collection-containers for empties

= Mutual environmental protection

This is your 100% functional warranty!
Unless a repair turns out to be uneconomical, in which case we provide…

Complimentary new-devices (replacement)

  • Complimentary replacement of defective devices (in case a repair turns out to be uneconomical)
  • New devices of your choice
  • Ownership of the new devices gets transferred to you immediately

Thus we achieve:

  • Continual optimization of your device-environment
  • No expenses for new devices ever again

Automatization of workflows

  • Simple monitoring incorporating multiple manufacturers
  • Automated ordering system
  • Automated technician requests
  • Statistics and reports

Additional modules

  • Mobile printing
  • Follow-me
  • DMS (Document Management Solutions)

One package, one price

  • Simple billing via toner cartridges
  • You only pay for what you actually use
  • Online summary of your savings

= transparent cost-control

Without any minimum order amounts, flat fees or subsequent billing!

Your starting point for an optimization without initial investments

Delegate responsibility – maintain control

Gradually acquired printer infrastructures, full warranty, whether heterogenous or homogenous, and remain your property. We optimize these flexibly and per your requirements, without extensive lead times. Control of financial matters remains in your hands, as you do not have to bear any additional costs and receive replacement devices as well as maintenance parts free of charge. You have just one contact person and receive all consumable materials and services from one source. With our printer packages we are able to create a customized offer for the purchase of new devices.

You also have the alternate options to lease or rent your devices

You are fed up with having your own printer-infrastructure and prefer to lease or rent the devices? No problem, as Topcart will simplify your print-management and optimize your printer-infrastructure with these options just as well. Benefit from flexible terms, increased liquidity and customized financing.

Your advantages

100% functional warranty

full warranty for all devices

consumption-based billing

complimentary replacement- and consumable parts

complimentary replacement devices

One contact partner for all matters

Considerable time- and cost-savings

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