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20.02.2013 – pbs-business.de – Web magazine for business “TOPCART wants to grow with new services”

Trade: TOPCART wants to continue its expansion. The South-Hesse based output specialist is focussing on software-solutions for monitoring and evaluation of printing infrastructures as well as education and training.

With 100 employees TOPCART achieved total revenues of 16 million Euro this past year. “We want to continue our growth this year.” General manager Wolf Mayer introduces the company’s goals for 2013: “We are striving for total revenues of 18 million Euro, and we will be hiring 30 new employees, we will expand and restructure the company and introduce new and innovative solutions on the market.”

The key elements of the strategy are an updated version of the monitoring software “TC Admin” and TC Rating, a manufacturer-independent device evaluation system based on objective entry of data concerning 2000 different models of devices. “Five employees spent several months entering millions of data derived from service calls and experiences of TOPCART team members into an internal database” explains Mayer. The results have been compiled and incorporated into TC Rating software, which facilitates customized, multi line optimization of device infrastructures, and are geared to contribute to the company’s expansion. Upon completion of the evaluation process some select results are scheduled for broad public release this year.

The number of employees is projected to grow as well. This past year the company has hired 25 new employees, mainly in the department of distribution, which will continue to increase in manpower in 2013. The departments of marketing, personnel and administration are also hiring. In addition the output service provider is planning on expanding existing branch offices in 16 European countries such as Finland, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Poland.

Key to success: Education and training Mayer considers education and training a key factor of success. Distribution personnel are regularly receiving training from the department of quality control. This includes extensive initial training and an ensuing apprentice coaching program. “It is essential to ensure, that our employees have a high-level knowledge and competence regarding our products and services as well as the market all throughout Europe” explains Bernd Klingler, head of the department of quality control, founded in March 2012.

In addition to the above, TOCPART has also invested into the social media sector. With the purpose of increasing the level of information for customers and employees alike, the company has created a presence on facebook, www.facebook.com/TOPCARTGmbH, and established its own reference channel on YouTube, www.youtube.com/TOPCARTGmbH

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