“TOPCART offers unrivaled print- and IT-peripheral concepts with guaranteed savings”

20.02.2013 – public-manager.com – Web magazine for business

Printer fleet concepts, pinpointed savings analyses, complimentary technical maintenance, efficient consumable materials, very favorable terms for laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices – that is what TOPCART GmbH in Erzhausen near Darmstadt stands for. Over the past years the company has become innovative world market leader for integral IT- peripheral concepts.

International corporations, medium-sized and small businesses alike from Oslo to Madrid are giving their vote of confidence to the Hesse-based know-how – the company has a total of more than 5000 satisfied customers, with an increasing trend. As TOPCART has been growing in terms of double digits for years and today stands 100 employees strong, not least because the company promises customers up to 30% cost savings with the use of their innovative concepts and unparalleled service performance. Nevertheless, it all began in 1993 with a very simple business idea, when Wolf Mayer (47) had leased three basement offices for the sale and distribution of closed toner modules for laser printers. “The initial spark came from very pragmatic problems one had to face daily at the workplace during those days. Toner modules were scarcely filled but highly overpriced, lack of any kind of environmentally friendly disposal options and absence of competent and affordable maintenance services.” says Wolf Mayer. At 29 he answered the call by leasing 40 square meters of basement offices in Erzhausen, where the company headquarters are still located today, meanwhile with branch offices all throughout Europe. The start up was first in offering its customers a complimentary maintenance service specialized exclusively in laser printers. At the same time the young company organized a complimentary pick up service for empty cartridges, subsequently routing these to ecologically impeccable recycling facilities. The breakthrough for TOCPART came three years later, with the introduction of a high efficiency toner cartridge, which offered hitherto unheard of printing capacities due an optimization of technology facilitating tripling the amount of toner filling per cartridge, thus largely reducing the necessity of frequent cartridge changes. The company internal term for the system – “toner-performance-cartridge” was contracted into TOPCART. A brand was born.

Integral service with unrivaled tools
TOPCART’ s core product though was conceived two years later in 1998, with the idea of combining the sale of consumable materials with an extensive device maintenance- and service package. Mayer: “Our idea was offering purchase, warranty, maintenance and replacement parts via an exclusively usage-oriented all-inclusive fee. As we are a completely manufacturer-independent service provider, we were able to offer our customers objective and brand-neutral consulting and true savings potentials.” Thus today’s scope of TOCPART-customers ranges from large international corporations like Daimler Benz and Thyssen to small- and medium sized businesses. They are benefiting from our concepts, which minimize printing- and maintenance costs and guarantee cost predictability on the basis of economic evaluation of device fleets – from printers to scanners and copiers.

“save per page”
With save per page TOPCART is offering a service, which is unrivaled on the market. TOPCART covers the entirety of the support, including complimentary service kits, provides complimentary replacement- and consumable parts, and even takes already existing printers into a lifetime warranty. Thus the customer eliminates all costs for replacement parts and repairs, purchase of new devices becomes unnecessary, and all of the above without any kinds of mandatory minimum order amounts. Cost savings amount to about 30%. The offer is based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing device fleet, which pinpoints parameters such as printing costs and replacement parts, thus resulting in optimum device recommendations. For the internal rating system TC rating, based on years of detailed data and evaluation of all devices on the market allows TOPCART to make precise, customized device recommendations for the specific demands of each company. Specially developed software solutions facilitate efficient management of stock keeping and maintenance intervals – with remote monitoring regardless of which brand. That means TOPCART is offering customers software solutions, which previously were only available from original manufacturers. Wolf Mayer: “With this approach TOPCART has unrivaled presence on the market, as were are able to provide manufacturer-independent IT optimizations, integral consulting and to deliver all stations of the value creation process as a full service provider – from purchase to maintenance and consumable materials.” To guarantee highest standards of quality to our customers, TOPCART products and services have been certified in terms of sustainability and other relevant parameters by TUEV to DIN, LGA and ITC International. 

Secret of success
TOPCART’ s continued growth over the past years in not least anchored in the company philosophy of focussing on each individual employee. Education, training and team spirit are the parameters resulting in high level satisfaction amongst employees. Mayer: “We always strife to grow through and with our employees, offering them an attractive international field of activity with great income potentials and weekly conferences with distribution personnel from all over Europe from Spain to Finland. TOCPART wants to hire 30 new employees this year alone. Long-term goal is the increase of yearly total revenues, form currently 16 million Euro to 50 million Euro with focus on expansion from currently 16 European markets to additional countries. Wolf Mayer: “Our goal is clearly to successfully continue our expansion and to establish ourselves as premium provider of IT-peripheral solutions and device environments.”

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