• Select a device
    exactly suited
    for your needs
    with TC Rating

The problem

Most manufacturers have a tendency to only recommend their own devices. Therefore the recommendations may or may not fulfill your requirements. With TC Rating we help you to find devices exactly suited to your needs – objectively and manufacturer-independent

The solution

We are the first and only provider on the market to independently analyze and rate printers and multifunctional devices in terms of:

  • efficiency
  • perfomance/quality
  • user-friendliness
  • environmental criteria


We analyze more than 150 manufacturer-criteria for each device (printing volume, energy consumption, storage capacity and many more). In addition we daily collect all information pertaining to onsite technical service calls delivered to our customers by our technicians:

  • What is the problem?
  • What needs to be repaired
  • Is a repair viable or should the device be replaced at once?


All data are entered digitally and then evaluated by TC Rating, a software we developed for these purposes.

The result of our rating shows the actual strengths and weaknesses of the devices.

Thus we can always recommend truly reliable and economically efficient devices suited to your specific requirements.

Your guarantee

Our goal is to keep your devices running smoothly at any time, after all we are bearing the cost of technical service and maintenance (for our customers these services are free of charge!). This is your all-time guarantee for the most simple and economically efficient solution and an increase of productivity in your company!

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