“TOPCART offers customers alternatives”

09.11.2012 – pbs-business.de

„Creating alternatives“ Always available, manufacturer-independent and flexible – with “Save per page” IT service-provider TOPCART is offering a service- and customer oriented output concept with a measurably increased value.
“In our line of business one ultimately thrives on black gold” says Wolf Mayer, general manager of the output specialist TOPCART. Founded in 1993 by Mayer, the output-service provider with headquarters in Erzhausen near Darmstadt is offering all- inclusive-services in all matters concerning laser printers, copiers and multifunctional devices. 
With branch offices in Finland, Sweden and Austria and a nationwide network of service technicians and distribution staff, TOPCART is servicing 5000 customers throughout Europe, ranging from small and medium companies to large international corporations, with manufacturer-independent print- and periphery concepts. Amongst many others these include Thyssen- Krupp, Storopack, Asclepios Clinics, German armed forces, EnBW, Merz Pharma, Bridgestone etc. In 2011 the 100-strong output specialist achieved 18 million in sales. Wolf Mayer’s future expansion goales are ambitious. For the current year the TOPCART founder is aiming at 20 million Euro in sales. Over the next few years the bar is set for 50 million Euro. For these purposes TOPCART is eagerly investing in new employees, in new software developments and in new service products. At the beginning of the year the output service provider has established its own department of quality control (QS), which is responsible for training employees and making sure that all targets are reached once set. Another newly established department is CRM (customer relationship management), measuring the degree of and following up in matters of customer satisfaction and thus creating a basis for even more service optimization. 

Hitting the customers’ nerve “We are creating alternatives.” says Mayer, who has been in the business for 25 years. Having started as a sales associate for Berolina in 1988, the Wuerzburg native quickly recognized the potential of laser printers and moreover that of toner. The toner modules were expensive and competent service providers pretty much nonexistent. This conclusion brought about the birth of TOPCART business idea at home in his living room in 1993. Two years later Mayer and a partner collaborated in developing a high efficiency cartridge, the name of which “toner performance cartridge” was abbreviated to TOPCART and became the company name. 
“Our offer directly hit the customers’ nerve.” says TOPCART’ s general manager, who is offering his customers “save per page”, a manufacturer-independent output concept with economic efficiency ratings. 
When you are offering a product or a service, it can only set itself apart through an actual, measurable added value contemplates “numbers-wizard” Mayer. 

Permanent availability The four-step all-inclusive concept is characterized by cost efficiency, certainty in budgeting, free choice of manufacturers’ brands and user friendly planning and layout. As part of the concept, TOPCART takes on maintenance and support regarding the customer’s device fleet and takes it into full warranty, thus offering permanent availability. The second step is an optimization of the device fleet in accordance with efficiency criteria. In coordination with his customers, the output specialist offers a manufacturer-independent optimization of printer- and copier infrastructures. 
For these purposes TOCPART uses its own device evaluation system “TC-Rating”, which evaluates all popular printers, copiers and multifunctional devices in terms of printing efficiency, user-friendliness, spatial requirements, reliability and other criteria relevant to the user. 

The evaluation is based on the experience and evaluation of data derived from hundreds of thousands of service calls, answered by the Erzhausen- based company. Thus it provi- des a decision basis in terms of planning device environments. “No one else dares to evaluate the manufacturers and their various systems”, says Mayer, who is in the know of the intricacies on the provider side of the game. Some providers offer cookie cutter systems, replacing the entirety of the existing hardware with overly costly leasing devices, long term contractual commitments and billed with flat per page fees. According to Mayer, upon closer inspection this amounts to naive fallacy. 

With manufacturer-independent optimization, limitation to a few select devices, chosen in accordance with the specific demands of that customer, automatic modernization and flexibility in terms of adjusting the device fleet in accordance with the company’s development, we are offering definitive advantages.