KUPIERS CNC – sheeting technologies GmbH & Co. KG

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Based on advanced manufacturing technologies, process optimization- and control engineering technnologies, the long-established family-owned business located in the town of Meppen in the German region of Emsland is known as high capacity service provider spanning all steps pertaining to the process of creating metal sheeting – from the idea to the finished product.

The company was founded in 1924 and today KUPIERS CNC – sheeting technologies GmbH & Co. KG ranks as one of the most advanced sheeting technology enterprises in North-West Germany, manufacturing sheeting and industrial components.

Günter T. is head of the IT-department at KUPIERS and gives testimony to the experiences of his collaboration with Topcart.

The initial situation

Each one of our large manufacturing devices features its own booking terminal and printer.

Each step of the manufacturing process necessitates a printout of the ensuing steps or of delivery documents. Therefore the printers are located right in the manufacturing space, thus exposed to conditions of strain and wear far exceeding those of mere office printers. Unfortunately most models do not survive the rough manufacturing environment for long.

Based on the aforementioned, we were looking for a partner to provide a maintenance contract for our existing printer fleet. Most suppliers insist on an initial replacement of all devices for their own products at the commencement of such an agreement. Determining whether these devices are suitable for our manufacturing environment would have incurred lengthy tests and a large investment to accomplish such a change. In addition we were looking for swift repair service to avoid lengthy down-times and short delivery times for toner cartridges to eliminate the necessity of extensive on-site toner storage.

The solution

With Topcart we found our ideal IT-service partner, fulfilling all our requirements and demands and capable of realizing all of our ideas regarding printing. With acquisition of the Managed Print Service package our devices are taken into full warranty, which means Topcart provides complimentary service, maintenance, repairs and replacement of defective devices. Billing is done exclusively via toner.

The most essential fact for us: We were able to maintain our existing device fleet rather than replacing it. Regardless of age, brand or model, Topcart took all of them into a full operational warranty.

And this is what it means: Our contact partners have provided us with replacement devices for the printers we have in use. In case of malfunction of a particular device, we simply replace it ourselves with a model from the pool provided by Topcart, thus minimizing our down-times. Then we have the repair service come on-site to take care of the problem – in case the device is beyond repair, we receive a complimentary replacement device.

The result

We have been a Topcart customer for more than 6 years. Based on our continued communication with our contact person and qualified technicians we automatized our processes to a high degree. The technicians know our devices and thus are often capable of solving our problems via telephone.

Today we have about 80 printers running smoothly at any time, thanks to Topcart’s competent service. Our goal had been reduction of our efforts at low costs and we definitely have achieved that.

Each year we create a printing-cost-analysis to determine whether our devices are used to capacity or if some of them need to be replaced with more efficient models. In case we purchase new additional devices, it is easy and simple to incorporate these into the full warranty. We have Topcart’s full and dedicated assistance in the continued optimization of our device fleet.

Our three reasons for choosing Topcart:

1. perfect price/performance ratio

2. professional service included

3. a personal contact person