OKULEN® Ottensteiner Synthetics GmbH & Co. KG

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

OKULEN® Ottensteiner Synthetics GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1977 in Ahaus and currently has 210 employees. OKULEN develops and manufactures technical synthetics, supplying customers in more than 50 countries worldwide with semifinished components or high quality prefabricated parts. Martin Schwanekamp, IT-in-charge of Ottensteiner Synthetics GmnH & Co. KG tells how he came to collaborate with Topcart and what convinced him:

The initial situation

We have about 25 devices, and previously had maintenance contracts for some of these. The rest of the printers and copiers were not covered at all and we had to repair these internally to avoid incurring technican costs. 2012 we were exploring print- and document management options as well as printing-cost optimization. We also wanted to optimize our device environment. We were in contact with various suppliers, who conducted printing-cost analyses for us. Many providers were asking for a monthly minimum price for maintenance of the devices or required us to replace our entire IT-infrastructure at once, regardless the age of our devices.

Such would have caused an enormous amount of administrative effort, aside from being just unnecessary. We did not want to trash operable devices. At that time we came in contact with Topcart and received a manufacturer-independent savings analysis with the company’s internal rating software TC Rating. Aside from the devices‘ manufacturer data the independent software uses information gathered from service calls delived by their technicians. Thus it becomes very obvious, whether a device lives up to the manufacturer’s promise. The result simply convinced us.

The solution

With Topcart the price/performance ratio was just right. We neither incurred any costs of investment, nor were we forced to replace any of our existing devices or bound by some minimum order amounts. Thus we decided for a collaboration with Tocpart and their usage-based concept. We only pay for toner, we actually use and in addition receive service, maintenance, installation of replacement parts and disposal of used parts free of charge. Our devices were not replaced, but taken into a full warranty. We could not have made a better deal. Initially we only turned devices, which were not covered by a maintenance contract, over to Topcart.

Bit by bit we incorporated all of them. Upon expiration of the various maintenance contracts it was very simple to add these devices into the full warranty, as there is no maximum limit for the number of devices participating. Aside from the obvious price advantage, we found manufacturer-independence and the flexibility of the system particularly appealing. We have a say in the structural creation of our device environment and are not limited to one particular manufacturer.

Thus Topcart is offering us a considerably larger product selection and customizes the choice of devices to our specific needs. Unlike with other manufacturers, with Topcart we do not have any monthly costs. As an additional advantage, if a device has less printing volume, there are no extra maintenance costs. The collaboration and handling with Topcart is very smooth and simple. We have a stable contact person, we can reach anytime and who assists us with decisons such as the selection of the most suitable devices to use in specific locations. In case of changes made to the company structure prompting changes to the requirements for our devices, our contact person makes sure that the price/performance ratio continues to work out and that we receive a suitable device. Thus we have the most efficient device for the specific requirements and printing volume in each location.

The result

Our first step was to have the entirety of our devices in care of just one provider. This was achieved at the end of last year, when the last external maintenance contract had expired. We always consult our contact person regarding the device’s efficiency and then decide whether to keep or to replace it. Subsequently Topcart took all our remaining devices into full warranty and we remain with just one contact partner for our devices. With implementation of just one contact partner, our device management has become very standardized, ordering- and service efforts have been eliminated, as we do not have to repair the devices ourselves or request a technician.

This is an enormous relief for our work processes, as we are able to focus on our main tasks. And then there are the cost savings, which become very apparent in terms of technician-visits, as these are very expensive when requested externally. Topcart helped us achieve a standardization of our device environment. Our next goal is complete automatization and digitalization of our printer-management. We are currently using up our current stock of toner, so we can start the automated ordering process provided by the manufacturer-independent web-application TC CARL.

Once our stock has been used up, we will use TC CARL with its automated ordering system, where new toner gets ordered as soon as the toner fill level in a device drops below a certain mark. In case of malfunctions TC CARL automatically requests a technician. In addition the web-application offers us a uniform management surface, allowing us to monitor and control all matters regarding our printer fleet: malfunctions, statistics, conter readouts and ordering system. Thus our virtual assistant TC CARL has a job and we no longer have any effort.