Municipal Utility Company Borken / Westf. GmbH

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Borken/Westf. GmbH Municipal Utility Company runs and maintains networks to provide the citizens of Borken and surrounding townships with electricity, natural gas and water and supplies households, industrial- and business corporations with electric energy, gas and drinking water. In addition the company is active in the recreational sector, running two public swimming pool facilities. About 160 employees offer competent service in matters of energy supplies and recreational attractions. As energy provider with local responsibility, the Municipal Utility Company Borken supports initiative and volunteer work in the community in the areas of sports, culture and social matters. The administrator Gisbert Papenberg gives a report about his experiences regarding the collaboration with Topcart:

The initial situation

Aside from our main location headquarters, we are running a recreational swimming pool facility and a water utility plant. We have printers and multifunctional devices in all locations and manage a total of about 60 devices. Initially our IT department used to handle most of the jobs or we requested technicians. That involved a lot of effort on our part. In order to determine who to call for support, the devices had to be inspected individually and we had to find out whether these were still under warranty. We had various different contact persons, thus it took many phone calls to solve just one problem. But even once we had found the appropriate contact person, there were extensive wait times until we actually had a technician on site. Therefore we were looking for a solution, which would reduce the complexity of administratvie procedures without giving up the freedom of creating our own device-environment.

The solution

With the purchase of a credit voucher we had the opportunity to test  the collaboration with Topcart without being contractually bound. With a credit voucher one purchases a supply of toner cartridges in advance and requests delivery upon demand. Until that time the cartridges remain at Topcart, relieving us of the necessity to keep our own storage facilty and conisderably reducing our administrative efforts. Upon purchase we received an invoice and then requested delivery of cartridges when needed, without any formalities. Topcart and their concept quickly won our favors and we promptly switched from the credit voucher to Managed Print Packages. This usage-oriented concept includes any service required, which poses an enormous advantage for us, as Topcart relieves us of a ton of work. Our goal of reducing the number of contact persons to a few familiar ones was achieved with Topcart as well. The entirety of service is included and in case a repair turns out to be economically inefficient, we automatically receive a new device of the same value. Just like the rest of the package, with their great price/performance ratio Topcart’s cartridges totally live up tho their promise. Topcart’s monitoring software TC Admin (today’s TC CARL) is an additional support tool for device-management and control. It provides a transparent data summary such as page numbers etc. for the entire device environment. Thus is it easy to determine whether the devices in various locations are still efficient or should be replaced. In such cases Topcart’s personal consultant assists us with suggestions for suitable devices and replaces these free of charge. As Topcart operates on a manufacturer-independent basis, we have the freedom to create and shape our device environment according to our own needs and requirements. We are free to choose from a large variety of devices, rhather than having specific ones imposed on us.

The result

Though we started with just a few devices, today Topcart is in charge of our entire device environment in all three locations. Through the collaboration with Topcart we were able to reduce our efforts to a minimum and smiplify administrative procedures. We have our personal consultant and know our technicians. That was very important to us. With Topcart we get everything from one source. In case of problems, Topcart handles these with professionalism and competence, saving us the trouble of having to look for various solutions with individual devices. It saves resources in our department and allows more productivity to occur.