Storopack GmbH & Co. KG

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service-Package“

Storopack is a leading manufacturer of transport- and protective-packaging with 60 locations worldwide and a total of about 2.400 employees. Storopack has been using Topcart’s Managed Print Service- Package for more than 12 years at headquarters in Metzingen and 15 other locations throughout Germany, France, Belgium and Spain. Mr. Etz, project manager at Storopack, talks about the collaboration with Topcart.

„Costs went down and efficiency of our work has increased.“

The initial situation

2003 we were searching for a provider, who would offer us an alternative to the page-price-concept and to external service providers. Until that time we ourselves had to make sure our device environment of printers and copiers remained operational. We did not want to continue doing that. Our goal was to find a partner, who would take on the entirety of our ever growing device environment including the pertaining technical service – for headquarters as well as other locations. Conveniently, Mr. Holger Knebel from Topcart contacted us at the time.

The solution

Topcart’s Holger Knebel conducted a detailed economic analysis of our situation at the time. He was in extensive continual communication with us, striving to develop a solution customized to our precise demands. Upon a completed manufacturer-independent and customized demand analysis we took a decision for the Managed Print Service-Package – a user oriented all-inclusive service-concept.

The result

By switching to the Managed Print Service-Package, we achieved cost savings of over 30%. On top of that we have technicians available at any time – throughout Europe. This generates a considerable amount of time-savings during daily business affairs. And if repair of a given device turns out to be economically inefficient, Topcart provides a complimentary new device of the same price range. Ownership of the device gets transferred directly to us.

Topcart has been a truly reliable partner, servicing our device environment for more than 12 years. Our contact person is ever keen to fulfill our needs and always comes up with solutions for changing conditions and parameters.