VINK Kunststoffen BV

„Letter of reference for Managed Print Service Package“

In 1954 the company started out selling PVC pipes and fittings. Today the Dutch VINK Kunststoffen BV is part of a group of worldwide corporations distributing synthetics. As national distributor of semi-finished synthetics products VINK has branch offices in 15 European countries. In Germany there are locations in Berlin, Cologne,Munich, Nuremberg and Esslingen. VINK Kunststoffen BV offers customers the largest range of semi-finished synthetics products and pipe systems in Europe, sheeting, pipes, shields and foils are part of the product line. Peter van Amersfoort is responsible for IT for the company’s locations in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. He is a Managed Print Service customer and recounts his experiences with Topcart GmbH, who is in charge of organizing the printing devices at heatquarters in Didam, Netherlands.

The intital situation

Central IT is managed by a computer center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Local IT is the responsibilty of the respective local IT-departments. Prior to the collaboration with Topcart we managed all devices at the Didam location ourselves: we were ordering consumable materials and taking care of repairs and maintenance. With 28 laser printers and multifunctional devices we spent a considerable amount of time and effort to accomplish these tasks. We were dependent on  manufacturers‘ warranties. Our goal is to use our devices as long as possible, so as to save costs. Therefore we are not bound to replace our devices every three or four years. To reduce our efforts in terms of ordering consumable materials, we have created a very homogenous device environment. All devices are from one manufacturer and require the same or similar kinds of consumable materials. Thus we do not have to order and store 10 differnt types of cartridges.

The solution

Before we had decided to work with Topcart, we had other offers for page-price-systems, where toner cartridges would automatically be replaced after printing a certain number of pages, regardless whether the cartridges were actually empty. Topcart set itself apart with the usage-based Managed Print Service-Package and got our vote. Consumable materials, warranty and support are included in the package, and best of all: we only pay for what we actually use. Cartridges only get replaced once they are empty. There are no minimum order amounts, hidden costs or subsequent billings. Facts which are appreciated by our accounting department, as they make our cost-calculation very precise. Another advantage comes through Topcart’s own, better priced high quality cartridges. Topcart took our laser printers and multifunctional devices into full warranty and supports us in maintaining the devices as long as possible. If we do happen to need a new device Topcart assists us in selecting the most efficient device for our requirements with their device rating software TC-Rating. We truly benefit from Topcart’s many years of experience. The sofware compares devices in terms of manufacturer data and analyzes the service reports submitted by Topcart technicians. Thus the software can determine how the devices actually do perform and therefore select the most suitable device for our purposes. Then Topcart replaces the device free of charge and we do not have any cost of investment into new devices, regardless of the age of our original device. We just had a better gut-feeling with Topcart and that is very important to us. We want to be confident about our collaboration and Topcart has continued to live up to our expectations to this day. The communication with our personal consultant as well as the technicians is very smooth and works great. It is up to us how much effort we want to invest into our devices. We take care of smaller malfunctions ourselves. In case of bigger problems the complimentary service is available to us anytime and we have the option to request a technician to solve the problem within 24 hours.

The result

With Topcart’s service and performance we are able to prolong the usage time for our devices, while reducing our efforts. The “All-in-one-package“ allows us to make our own decisions, as to when we get new devices and we are not contractually bound to a purchase. We have been a Topcart customer for over than 10 years and are still more than satisfied. We do not have to worry about the devices whatsoever and have been able to reduce our work efforts. Thus our IT-department is free to accomplish other tasks and to operate effectively without interruptions.