Printer administration simplified in the field of municipal administration

TC CARL in practice

Municipal administration in the city of Altomuenster in Bavaria is in charge of 48 communal districts with a total of more than 7000 citizens. That amounts to a ton of work, if just one person is holding the posts of treasurer, personnel in charge and IT administration. In that case TC Carl, Topcart‘ s virtual assistant for printer management comes as a blessing!

The city Altomuenster, located between Munich and Augsburg, opened the doors of its first Kindergarden in 1869. Almost 150 years later, the number has quadrupled. Michael Eggendinger makes sure that things are running smoothly in these educational facilities. He is responsible for the entire IT at Altomuenster municipal administration, which includes eight fire stations and a building yard. Thus he is overjoyed with the increasing trend towards virtualization, which relieves him from a large number of tasks.

IT-trends come and go

With almost 25 years of professional experience Mr. Eggendinger has seen many IT-trends come and go, yet virtualization is still a big deal for him. While he used to have to visit each location individually, if a printer problem had been reported, today he is able to conveniently check the matter out from his desk, saving time for his other tasks of treasurer and personnel in charge.

A virtual assistant simplifies IT-administration

TC Carl, Topcart‘ s first virtual assistant for printer management makes it all possible. CARL is a versatile software not only offering all device data at a glance with just one click, but also features automatic ordering of consumable materials or placing technician requests. The web application is very simply accessible via browser, whether from your Smart phone or your desktop PC. CARL is hosted at the Topcart electronic data processing center, subject to strict German data protection laws. As an additional safety precaution data transfer occurs via SSL-encryption.

Many locations and a great variety of device models

Michael Eggendinger has been working with CARL for a little over one year. The device fleet in his care is situated in 13 different locations – in an area of more than 7500 hectares, comparable to the surface area of lake Chiemsee, Bavaria’s largest lake. Aside from the above, there are devices from three different manufacturers involved, making a standardized device administration even more difficult (Brother, Dell and Lexmark). Here is where CARL comes into play, as contrary to manufacturer-brand administrative software, CARL is compatible with any device.

Device maintenance is very easy

Prior to the use of TC CARL the IT administrator had to go to the various devices‘ individual locations, when a team member had reported a problem with a particular printer. Today it is much easier. Via browser Eggendinger logs into the CARL web-application, clicks on the device and is able to identify the problem immediately, as all pertaining device data are available in the section “device information”. TC CARL allows the IT-in charge to pull up the internet configuration template for any given device with just one click and thus check things out without having to deal with entering lengthy IP addresses. Most of the time problems are not caused by the device but by the user. Therefore, if Mr. Eggendinger upon taking a look finds out that everything is running smoothly as far as the printer is concerned, he saves a trip to that location.

Ordering with just one click

The work-intensive ordering process is yet another task TC CARL relieves you from. Without the virtual assistant each individual order used to take up at least 30 minutes, as Eggendinger had to first search for the cartridges before he could order these. In the CARL application each device has the appropriate cartridge assigned, and all the administrator has to do is just one click to order the consumable materials. What used to take half an hour now gets done in one minute. But in the future even that minute could be eliminated, as CARL is capable of automated ordering – with completely customized parameters. Lots of valuable time saved for the administrative all-rounder.

Self-explanatory self-sufficient

Eggendinger points out TC CARL’s extreme user-friendliness. Aside from being very easy to use, the web-application features a simple layout and is highly self-explanatory. CARL has an assistant within the assistant, explaining each one of the application features step by step. In addition Topart‘ s customer service center is available for assistance. Eggendinger took a look as to when he last logged in. That was shortly after completion of the virtual assistant’s customized configuration. Therefore he considers CARL self-sufficient, running in the background and ensuring smooth running of the printer fleet. Just as Mr. Eggendinger makes sure the municipal administration runs smoothly.

Here is why this user has decided for TC CARL:

  • Toner orders with just one click
  • Easy to use
  • Remote access to printer infrastructure